Axel Oxygen 3000D Digital Broadcast Mixer

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April 26, 2017
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April 1, 2018

Axel Oxygen 3000D Digital Broadcast Mixer

Price: 78.000.000

– Fully digital broadcast mixing console
– Near 0 latency ( < 0,7 ms I/O)
– Signals routing
– 10-fader self-contained with 7’’ display
– 5 microphones inputs
– 7 stereo outputs
– 1 built-in telephone hybrid, 1 telco
– 1 digital In/Out (AES EBU)
– 2 USB audio interface
– 4+1 busses (PGM, SUB, PFL, Aux1, Aux2)
– Bluetooth
– 3 band non parametric QT
– TalkBox for guest and presenter*
– HDMI Out*
– 2 built-in media player*
– Streaming I/O*
– Redundant PSU*
– High customizable RGB coloured smart buttons

Axel Oxygen 3000 is a step forward compared to the console self-contained on the broadcast market. Characterized by an elegant design and compact size, Oxygen 3000 is able to meet all the needs of the broadcaster both in the main studios, and also in the various studies of post-production.

Axel Oxygen 3000D is in place of successful predecessor Oxygen 3, greatly improving the characteristics, expanding the possibilities of connection and the flexibility of use. Based entirely on digital technology and DSP audio processing, Oxygen 3000D overlooks the broadcast market at extremely attractive, as well as having the highest quality/price ratio present in its market segment.

Axel OXYGEN 3000D OVERALL Control Surface In fixed configuration hosts 10 Fader, complete with all the ancillary functions and a Control Room, Studio, Preset, SmartKey, and Output direct access button. On each channel is available a 3-band equalizer and a dynamics processor. On each microphone channel it’s available “autofader” feature which allows the reduction of the sound level in the background depending on the level of the voice.

Tested VU Meter Front Raised above the control surface, in this area there are two distinct Vu Meter. Under button selection a dynamic Vu meter allows viewing of exclusive PFL, Sub, Aux-1 and Aux-2. A second Vu Meter is dedicated to the permanent displaying of the Program Out Level. Two headphone outputs and one auxiliary input (AUX-IN) installed on the right wall round the head, offering great rationality spaces.
Rear panel It houses all the audio connections in and out of the mixer. Also houses two USB connectors, Ethernet, and GPIO to connect with OnAir lamps or to remote external devices.
Sides This section hosts two speakers used as a monitor for the local listening the Program output, the PFL or one of the Aux bus.

Axel OXYGEN 3000D BACK PANEL Made with robust steel chassis, the rear of Oxygen 3000D comes with these features:
Power Supply Universal Power on IEC Schuko cord, thanks to the universal power supply switching with working voltage between 90Vac and 264Vac and frequency between 50-60Hz. This apparatus is able to adapt themselves to the operating voltage of any country in the world.
HDMI-LAN module Optional module that connects via Ethernet, the mixer to any LAN/WAN environment to perform configurations using a common Web page. Moreover 4 USB-A type allowing connection with flash drive or compatible devices. Always using these USB ports, users can connect a mouse and a keyboard to configure the mixer without the help of an external PC. To complete the console, an HDMI port allows connection to a monitor to view additional job parameters, perform configuration and change operating parameters.
Section USB-PC and USB AUDIO CARD The section USB-PC allows to connect directly to a standard PC Oxygen 3000D console, and carry out configurations and settings. While the section USB AUDIO CARD allows direct connection of a computer to the console, without using a sound card on board the PC itself. This connection will be detected by the PC as an external sound card and the audio will be sent directly from the PC to the console and vice versa. In total USB AUDIO allows the use of two stereo input and 2 stereo output.
Section Telephone Hybrid and Telco Oxygen 3000D enables direct connection of a telephone line POTS/PSTN on RJ-11C, and can be connected in parallel to this line a telephone set to intercept a phone call or dial a phone number. The audio of the integrated hybrid is processed via DSP that allows a state of the art audio processing.
It’s also available a Telco N-1 in/out, to connect Oxygen 3000D to an external telephone hybrid. The output Telco N1 is always available on XLR male, while the input receiving line is placed in common to the mic Mic-5. TLC commands are available on SubD connector with Hook and Ring interface for external telephone hybrid.
GPIO Section The console Axel Oxygen 3000D has 12 GP 16 GP Out and In, which allow connection to signal lamps OnAir in accordance with the opening of a microphone channel, or provide start commands to external devices (Fader start)
Microphone Inputs and Mono. Oxygen 3000D allows connection of XLR Female and RJ45 connector. – Microphone inputs: 1-2-3-4-5 XLR Female, + 48V Phantom – Inputs replicated from XLR to RJ45: 2-3-4-5, balanced with + 48V Phantom and GPIO – Telco: Microphone No. 5 mutually exclusive
Analogic inputs lines: – Line Inputs: 7 total – Balanced inputs: 3 Line In XLR Female – Unbalanced Inputs: 4 Line Up Pin Rca – Aux Input: 1 Line In Jack 3.5mm shared between AUX-IN and LINE-6 on Pin Rca
Digital input line: – Digital Input: 1 Input S / PDIF on XLR
Telephone hybrid and Telco: – Telephone Hybrid: 1 POTS/PSTN telephone line with Line.In and Tel.Set – Telco: 1 in/out N-1 to connect external telephone hybrid with control via TLC/GPIO
Outputs LCO: – Line Outputs: 9 Total – Balanced outputs: 4 Line Out on XLR male – PGM, SUB, AUX-1, AUX-2 – Unbalanced outputs: 2 Line out on Pin Rca – REC-1, REC-2 – Unbalanced outputs: 2 Line Out on RCA Pin Monitor Control Room and Studio – Balanced Telco: 1 Line out for Telco, XLR male
Digital output: – Digital Output: 1 output S/PDIF format on XLR
Headphones and local monitor outputs – Monitoring: 2 headphones jack of 6.3mm and a 2W speaker for local monitoring
In GP and GP Out – GP In: 16 total, for Talk back or other associated features. – GP Out: 12 total, to control lamps OnAir or Fader Start to external devices
 Fully digital broadcast mixing Console  10-Fader self-contained with OLED monitor  5 Microphones, 6 stereo analog in, Tuner In  Integrated telephone Hybrid, 2 USB Audio, 1 Digital In/Out  4 direct routing buttons on each single fader channel  2 stereo recording output  Customizable Fast Preset recall SmartKeys  3-Band Eq and Dynamic processor  Webpage configuration or via USB  Direct interfacing to TalkBox Talent Console


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